For nearly 40 years we have been a family traveling, working, and living in Haiti.


The patriarch of our family, Tim Mangs, first landed in Port-au-Prince in the 1970's. After an overnight car ride to Cap Haïtien, Tim and a friend walked for two hours over the mountains to find a sleepy fishing village called Labadie.

It wasn't long until Tim and his wife Kim decided to purchase a plot of land, just outside the village of Labadie. Whenever possible, they would put money towards building our family home. While others were fleeing Haiti due to dictatorships, political unrest and embargoes, our family continued to travel to Haiti - investing in both the country and it's people.

We purchased balancé in 2014 with our sights set on running a luxury shore excursion with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL). We soon discovered a tourism market outside of RCCL - those seeking an enriching and authentic experience while exploring Haiti. 

Our passion lies in making our guests fall in love with the Haiti we did forty years ago. We understand the complexity of the people, her land, and the surrounding ocean. Collectively, we have over 30 years experience in the Haitien tourism market including private charters, hospitality management & consulting, and shore excursions for RCCL.


We look forward to having you join us aboard balancé,

The Mangs Family



2017 Fernweh Collective

Our friend and amazing photographer, Sidney Bensimon, interviewed for our collaboration with The Sailing Collective (text in German).


Read the 1976 National Geographic article that brought Tim to Labadie.

Haiti: Beyond Mountains, More Mountains. Vol. 149, No. 1